HSU 300 arch formed profiles

We have been using the HungaroSpan HSU 300 profile ( its previous name was K-SPAN ) since 1989 when this technology appeared in Hungary. The know-how and original technology is originated from the USA. HSU 300 roll formed profiles are "U" shaped.

We use simple and light weight parts for HSU 300 buildings. These buildings can appear with ordinary galvanised surface or any kind of prepainted raw material.

Structures of buildings range from the basic uninsulated formation to more complicated insulated, double layer solutions. We can offer many kinds of optional possibilities e.g. side entrance, skylight surfaces on the end walls, industrial doors and other individual demands.

Features of HSU 300 profile:

  • Raw material thickness: 0,80-1,00 mm
  • Maximum steel grade: S320GD
  • Profile heigth: 115 mm
  • Width of raster: about 300 mm
  • Seamed joints for perfect waterproofing
  • Anticonsensation coating is available

Advantages of HSU 300 profiles compared to HSV 500:

  • Simpler, more filigran construction elements
  • Simpler building junctions
  • Less labour needed
  • Less specific price per sqm

Disadvantages of HSU 300 profiles compared to HSV 500:

  • Maximal material thickness only 1,00 mm
  • It is impossible to use higher steel grade than S320GD
  • Maximal arch span 19-20 m ( or less) depends on the result of statical analysis