HSV 500 arch formed profiles

The HSV 500 profile is an advanced version of HSU 300. This profile is produced by a bigger and more robust machine, which was purchased in 2014. The HSV 500 roll forming machine is continously developed and now it has become an unique mobile roll forming machine all over the world.

The HSV 500 technology is similar to the HSU 300 basic profile ( original K-SPAN ), but due to the thicker raw material and larger spans this thechnology needs much stronger building parts than other buildings, which are constructed from basic profile. HSV 500 buildings, beside the common galvanised appearance, can be built from any kind of prepainted raw materials.

Structures of buildings range from the basic uninsulated formation to more complicated insulated, double-layer solutions. We can offer many kinds of optional possibilities e.g. side entrance, skylight surfaceses on the end walls, industrial doors and other individual demands.

Features of HSV 500 profile:

  • Raw material thickness: 1,00 -1,50mm
  • Maximum steel grade: S350GD
  • Profile heigth: about 200 mm
  • Width of raster: about 500 mm
  • Seamed joints for perfect waterproofing
  • Anticonsensation coating is available

Advantages of HSV 500 profiles compared to HSU 300:

  • Maximum span 27- 28 m (depends on the result of statical analysis )
  • The stiffest grade of raw material is applicable ( S350GD )
  • Maximum raw material thickness is 1,50 mm

Disadvantages of HSV 500 profiles compared to HSU 300:

  • More complicated building details and juctions
  • More robust building parts
  • More labour working hours needed
  • Higher specific price per sqm