HSP 450 seamed panels

HSP 450 machine and technology were bought from the USA in 2006. These panels were produced from steel coils on the building site. The width of the panels is 450 mm and they have no longitudinal butt. The HSP 450 panels - similar to our other profiles - are joined with seamed connections. On the roofs there is no transitive screwing, fixing to the purlins is made by hidden clip elements. We can install our panels with anticondensation filc coating if it is needed.

We are able to make the HSP 450 profiles arched and the HSU 300 or HSV 500 buildings are convertible into double-layered. Between the two layers any kind of thermal insulation can be placed.

Features of HSP 450 profile:

  • Raw material thickness: 0,50 - 0,80 mm
  • Steel grade: S280GD or DX51D
  • Profile heigth: about 200 mm
  • Width of raster: 450 mm
  • Distances of supports: maximum 1,50 m

Advantages of HSP 450 profiles:

  • No longitudinal butt
  • No length limit for road transport
  • Self-support profile
  • Huge range of colours
  • Seamed joints for perfect waterproofing
  • Anticonsensation coating is available
  • Higher technical level than corraguated sheets
  • Roof and side wall using